Knowing and doing

Today’s Encouragement is John 13:17 NLT Now that you know these things, God will bless you for doing them.

Knowing and doing –

Imagine with me please, you are a 6 yr old child about to go ice skating on a frozen pond. Dad is there to assure you that the ice is several inches thick, you can see others skating, yet you still are uncertain that this is safe.

You have knowledge of the thickness of the ice from your Dads reassurance, and from the other skaters, you have faith in your Dad and what your eyes can see… yet you haven’t skated, you haven’t Done… what you believe can be done. It is not until you do skate… then you have Done! And then you experience the blessing. The joy and fun of skating! This blessing comes because you Did what you Knew and have chosen to believe.

The same is true with our faith. We read Gods Word, hear it preached, sing of His power, glory, mercy, and Love…. All of which are not ‘on the ice’ but rather standing on the shore. These are passive functions, hearing, choosing, believing… and yet Doing is the active function… acting and living according to our faith!

And this, my friends, the Doing…This is where blessings are poured out!

What is it that God is inviting, encouraging, and equipping you to Do? What has He been teaching you, granting you knowledge of, increasing your faith for?

Whatever this may be my friend… You will be blessed if/when you Do it!

Father help your children to act on the faith and knowledge which You have given us, so that we may be blessed by You!

Give me Faith
Elevation Worship

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