Overwhelming Victory

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 8:37 NLT No, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ, who loved us.

Overwhelming Victory is ours-

(Other translations read; we are “more than conquerors.”) In several instances in the history of the nation of Israel, when they were going into battle with other nations, all of which were sin-filled, idol-worshipping people, and also when those nations were attacking Israel, God Himself would intervene in miraculous and amazing ways!  He is unlimited in power and creativity, and at times Israel walked into a victory without lifting a finger in battle! That’s overwhelming victory! That’s more than conquerors!

My friends, this victorious position, is ours through Christ, because of His Love for us, because we are His. It is a spiritual blessing, a spiritual position, a spiritual truth which overrides time and this world. That is, we may look at our circumstances, and ask “this is victory?” Yet it is not the circumstances, our debt, our failures, our troubles, and battles that determine who we are in Christ… it is God’s Word, His Truth, which is the authority, the Truth, and our earthly lives, our earthly realities are “but a mist”… transient, and dissipating in a moment.

The eternal beings we are, as the Children of God, are not limited to this earthly life. We are in Truth, though it may not be apparent to anyone, including ourselves, the chosen children of God and because He is Always Victorious… overwhelming Victory is ours… because we are His!  He is Victorious (of course) over every enemy, Sin, Fear, Doubt, Depression, Poverty, Hunger, and earthly or spiritual enemies and therefore… so are we! Despite all these things, these enemies which persistently strive to defeat us… we are, now, already, through The Love of Jesus Christ… Overwhelmingly Victorious!

Lord Your goodness! Your blessings for us, Your chosen children, is truly overwhelming. Thank You Lord! Give us grateful hearts, as we believe Your promises and Truth.

Victory is Yours

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