In the Spirit

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 8:9 ESV “You, however, are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if in fact the Spirit of God dwells in you. Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him.”

In the Spirit –

If in fact, the Spirit of God dwells in you…

Sadly many of us who believe in Christ, choose to harden our hearts and minds to the idea of any spiritual matters. As if buying a book… we made an exchange and consider that it is complete… we bought the book, gave something for it and now we have it, it belongs to us. We may never read it, but we perceive it is still ours.

So, it may be compared to our belief in Christ. I heard the message, Jesus will save me and forgive me if I accept Him as Lord, so I choose, with my will and my mind, to do so. Transaction complete, or so many consider.  We are saved by our faith, our decision to honor Him as Lord and Savior… but this is the beginning point of our relationship with Him, far from the end.

Now, the Spirit of God comes to our lives to dwell, to live and remain, to fill to guide to bring eternal life and eternal perspective, to bring light to our darkness. We however can choose, as in the analogy, to leave the book closed, many say, “No I won’t go there, I don’t believe in that stuff, It’s too strange for me.”

Yet my friend, the spiritual world is eternal, even more ‘real’ than this world.   This world of earthly things (the flesh) is fleeting, a mist. It is only the unseen spiritual world which lasts, add the unseen spirit of God which lives within us, who guides and provides for us a life ‘above’ the flesh.

Will you acknowledge His Spirit, which is already living within you? Accepting God’s Spirit as already residing within you? Laying aside the flesh of this fleeting world for the eternal world of His Spirit… and so grow in relationship with Him more fully.  Will you?

Father God, we need Your guidance as we accept and acknowledge and begin to relate to Your Holy Spirit living within us.

Spirit of the Living God

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