No Condemnation

Today’s Encouragement is Romans 8:1 “There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

No condemnation-

No one can condemn you, because you are under the protection and the grace, the undeserved favor and blessing of Jesus. 

Now this world is full of people, and our minds can be full of thoughts… which will TRY to condemn you.  They accuse, (both people and our own thoughts) they point out our failures, focus on our sins, and whisper (or scream) “You don’t deserve to be forgiven for that!” 

And you don’t!  The lies and accusations of our enemy are usually based on a truth, but with a tiny bit of poison included.  The truth is we don’t deserve the grace of God, but… it is given to all who accept Jesus as Lord! The poison is the implied “So shame on you!” which goes along with every accusation. 

Friends, the enemy always accuses us – any time anyone or any thought brings you shame… it is the work of the enemy. 

Refuse the Shame my friend!  There is NO condemnation for you – because you belong to Jesus!  He has saved us from all condemnation! 

While it is true that we are guilty and need to refuse sin, turn away from evil, and turn to God’s Grace…  we are Forever. Free. Of Shame! Condemnation! Guilt!

Father God grant us the discernment, clarity of mind, spiritual eyes to see the condemnation that seeks to slink into our hearts.  Help us to accept instead, the Amazing Grace of the freedom which Jesus died to bring to all Your children.

My chains are gone/Amazing Grace

by Chris Tomlin

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