Times of Refreshing

Today’s Encouragement is Acts 3:19-20a ESV “Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out, [20] that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord”

Times of refreshing-

Doesn’t that phrase bring to mind… contentment, joy, peace, relaxation, and happiness?

And this time of refreshing… comes from the Lord! We don’t earn it or manufacture it… rather He gives it to us.

But… it comes after our genuine repentance, our turning from our sin and turning toward Him. And as we turn away from our sin, God blots it out, never to be seen again nor to haunt us… erased and removed and forgotten! And this occurs as we turn from, repent of, our sin.

We need not dwell in a constant state of remorse and shame for our sin, because we are set free from that! Still, at the moment of our turning away from it, we then DO acknowledge our shame and remorse, because sin is shameful, we are shameful in our sin. But God! When we have repented, literally turned away from sin… turning to the only Hope we have, our loving Father… we rest in this!   This comes to us in return, times of refreshing!

Friends, sin brings misery. The wages it pays to us are death, rotten and horrific decay. We think we are ‘getting by ok’ and that God’s grace is sufficient to cover our intentional and habitual sin… but it is eating at our souls!

Turn with me my friends, repent, and enjoy freedom from shame and guilt… and enjoy the grace and forgiveness of God – enjoy the times of refreshing from the Lord!

Lord I need You
Matt Maher

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