Finds no place

Today’s Encouragement is John 8:37 ESV I know that you are offspring of Abraham; yet you seek to kill me because my word finds no place in you.

Finds no place-

Jesus exposed the truth to the religious leaders of His day, He pulled no punches, He laid it out clearly to them. And He bluntly explained why they were trying to kill Him.

He said, you are trying to kill me because – “my word finds no place in you!”

The encouragement for us as His followers, as believers in Jesus, is just the opposite!  His words, His Truth, the Word of God as reveled in this Bible we treasure… finds its place in us! 

When we read or hear His Truth, His Word, it rings true!  Our heart, our mind says ‘Yes! This- is The Truth! This- is what I choose to believe! This- is my Hope! This- I want to build my life upon!” 

This recognition, this acceptance, this embracing of His Truth, His word, His message, His Love, Grace, and Mercy… this my friends, is His Word finding a place within us! 

Tragically, there are those who hear or read His words and are unaffected… His words find no place in them, just as happened in the arrogant religious leaders Jesus so truthfully admonished.  They have no eyes to see nor ears to hear.  Many turn away from Him even today. 

Yet for us, His word finds a place, a home, within us, like a child nestling in its mother’s embrace… 

Father fill us with Your Word, Your Truth. We accept and receive and embrace the Good News which Jesus is and which He taught and which Your Holy Spirit still teaches us today! We hide Your Word in our hearts!

My place is with You

Clay Crosse

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