Today’s Encouragement is Luke 5:9 NLT For he was awestruck by the number of fish they had caught, as were the others with him.


Jesus instructed Peter and other fishermen to try again after they had fished without any success – all night long.  They were washing their nets, finishing their workday and they had to be exhausted, disappointed, and ready to give up!  But at His word, they obeyed, loaded their nets into the boats and rowed out again and let down their nets.

How impractical is this my friends?

Some of us pride ourselves on being very practical, pragmatic, and logical. We can even elevate our thinking to a point of worship, idolizing the practical, the logical.

Jesus instructed, He told Peter and his fishermen to do something completely illogical, even unwise.  These were experienced men, they knew the sea, their boats, nets, everything about fishing, and Jesus was a carpenter!

Yet they obeyed!  Perhaps very reluctantly, maybe begrudgingly! Can’t you imagine Peter grumbling under his breath, “We just came in! I’m so tired! This makes no sense! We’re going to have to rewash the nets!”

And suddenly, after obedience – from grumbling and begrudging, to Awestruck!  The greatest catch of their lives!

Father help us to learn to obey You, Your voice, the prompting of Your Holy Spirit.  Give us willing and humble hearts to simply do what You say.  So that our faith is strengthened and that we too, might also be awestruck by Your power and provision.

Trust and Obey

Big Daddy Weave

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