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Today’s Encouragement is Matthew 14:28 NLT Then Peter called to him, “Lord, if it’s really you, tell me to come to you, walking on the water.”

Tell me –

When we sense God leading us, speaking to us, guiding us in a direction, we often ask Him for confirmation.  Here Peter was asking Jesus for confirmation that it really was Him walking on the water. Really Peter, you needed reassurance that it was Jesus who was walking on water? 

We are such simple beings, so prone to doubt and distraction, constantly asking Him for signs, reassurance, proof of His Power, His Love or His Word. 

When do we become mature in our faith?  To move from doubt to faith, questions to belief, testing to trust?  For some this may never come.  Jesus described that the love of many will grow cold Matt 24:12. But my Friends we are not among those growing colder, but rather among those growing warmer in our faith! 

This request of Peter served to increase his faith in Christ, while also revealing the fallibility of man.

How did Peter reflect on this experience the day after? How did he relay this story to those who listened to his teaching for decades afterwards? 

Is it possible that this story of faith, doubt, focus, distraction, and God’s power brought about by Peter’s impetuous statement… has strengthened the faith of millions?

What experience of faith have you known?  Whom could it encourage in their faith?  Will you share it?

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