Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 103:12 NLT “He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.”


My friends, this was written hundreds of years before Christ was born.  God’s mercy was always His defining characteristic.  He has always wanted us to be clean, free of sin, and deeply in love with Him.

Notice it is not us removing sin, not our efforts, not our righteousness, not us ‘trying really hard’ or ‘turning our life around’… too many times we’ve tried on our own to get free of sin.  It’s His work, His business, His merciful gracious compassion for us.  He knows we can’t.  So, He does it for us. 

Now consider for a moment… how far is the east from the west?  It’s an immeasurable distance, right?  And that’s how far our sins are removed from us… we are NOT our sins!  We are His sons and daughters!  Next time guilt or shame comes to visit… speak these words out loud!

Father Your grace and compassion are overwhelming, immeasurable, and so undeserved.  Yet we thank you, humbly, gratefully, and as Your completely forgiven children.  Help us to always remember it is Your Grace that frees us.     

The Lord is Gracious and Compassionate

Vineyard Worship

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