God will bless you

Today’s Encouragement is John 13:17 NLT Now that you know these things, God will bless you for doing them.

God will bless you-

Those who seek God, read His book, listen to His voice… learn many truths, we learn to know Jesus who is, Himself, the truth.  All this learning goes into our minds, fills our thoughts with wisdom and knowledge. 

Now, since you know these things, Do! 

Knowing the Truth and living accordingly… brings us under God’s blessings!  Knowing the Truth, a little truth, or a lot, but not acting, living, or doing it… is a choice to remain outside of God’s blessings. 

Friends, we are saved, believing in Jesus, praying, trusting Him for our salvation… but if we are afraid to step out in faith and act according to God’s Word… how can God open His blessings to us?  When we are embarrassed to mention His Name to those around us?  When we choose to reject the step of faith He is inviting us to take? When we refuse to forgive someone who has harmed us so deeply? When we choose to trust in our own plans and not in His? 

Our salvation may not be at risk in these circumstances, but our blessings certainly are. 

We can’t ‘do’ anything perfectly of course, but we can try, make an effort to live, to act, to speak according to God’s ways… and when we do, His blessings are then available. God gives credit for our efforts!

Father help us to trust You, to act according to the Truth we currently understand, help us to obey, today, and so to please Your heart.

Trust and Obey

Big Daddy Weave

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