So little faith

Today’s Encouragement is Matthew 14:31 NLT. Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him. “You have so little faith,” Jesus said. “Why did you doubt me?”

So little faith –

We so often ask God to confirm Himself, His voice, to reassure us that what we sense, what we hear, is indeed Him.   It is an indication of faith, when we ask so… but Jesus acknowledged that it is only ‘little faith’, which a faith that is mixed with doubt. 

Remember this was Peter, the rock upon which Jesus said He would build His church!  And what type of faith did Peter display?  Just a very “little faith”!

Notice the other eleven were also sitting in the boat, also seeing, but possibly not believing, Jesus walking toward them on the sea…. Yet, none of them even expressed the “little faith” which Peter acted upon!

Friends even a “little faith”, just the measure you have now…exactly where you are… is enough to act upon!  In truth, this is how our faith grows… when we act upon our faith.

Lord help us to step out of our boat of safety and comfort, onto the water of uncertainty; to take whatever step of faith You are inviting us to take next, keeping our eyes focused on Jesus, and trusting that You will strengthen us and help us.

Oh me of little faith

Matthew West

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