But I say

Today’s Encouragement is Matthew 5:44 NLT “But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!”

But I say –

Jesus says, in Matthew 5, six times “You have heard it said,” and each time he counters the saying with His authoritative words, “But I say…”

Jesus, who is the Truth, clarifies the thinking of the world, first acknowledging the common belief, some of which was based on Old Testament scripture! And then offering THE clear Truth instead.  He was correcting, and usually contradicting, the current-day popular ways of thinking!

We often get things confused; our thinking and the thinking of this world is often distorted, polluted, and completely wrong.  Social media is one popular source of thinking, and it offers thousands of cutesy, funny, wise-sounding sayings each day, which we then like, or love, laugh at, or hate… and so little of it holds any truth! 

My friends, only what God says is reliable Truth!  Refuse to be taken in by the modern thinking, it will be replaced by ‘new concepts’ in a few years anyway… and decide that… God’s Word is my authority, Jesus is The Truth.  I will choose to trust Him, His Word, His Truth alone!

Father help us so decide and remain true to Your Truth! And believe that What You say is Truth!

You Say

Lauren Daigle

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