I will give peace

Today’s Encouragement is Haggai 2:9b “And in this place I will give peace, declares the LORD of hosts.”

I will give Peace –

When we are young it seems that Peace is the last thing on our minds.  We want action, fun, excitement… yet with maturity comes challenges and responsibilities. Worries and cares creep in and seem to grow with each passing year.  And Peace – seems more and more beyond our reach. 

God promised thousands of years ago that He will bring peace to His people. His Peace is beyond just the absence of war, of conflict, argument.  It is true, internal, unaffected by life’s ups and downs.

Have you ever known someone who seems to never be at peace, who has frequent battles with family, friends, and even virtual wars on social media?  Where is there any benefit, to anyone, in that perpetual conflict?

My friends Gods peace is perfect, it is available, it is His gift (He said, ‘I Will give peace’) to us.  Now, will we accept His gift, will we learn it, practice it, and dwell in His Peace? 

Not some momentary ‘nirvana’ brought about by your own effort, but a gift we receive from Him, which we then learn how to use.  Like a beautiful guitar, it must be played with skill to be fully appreciated, so we learn how to accept, to dwell in God’s peace, and to remain within His Peace.

Father we need, we long for, Your peace in our hearts, in our lives. Help us to accept the gift of Your peace.


We the Kingdom

One thought on “I will give peace

  1. That is a beautiful song. Makes me breathe!  I haven’t been outside yet. I’ve got my BSF Group I could go to and lead this Wednesday. ‘Me’ wants to stay in and play the invalid card.  That’s not giving God much credit….   I want Him to get the glory. He doesn’t get much if I stay safe….    Praying to do the right thing, no matter what!   Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


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