They breed quarrels

Today’s Encouragement is 2 Timothy 2:23 “Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed quarrels.”

They breed quarrels –

Perhaps you have also had this experience, injecting your thoughts into a situation or discussion, innocently enough, just giving your opinion and Kaboom! a volcano erupts!  A huge emotional response is set off which seems totally unrelated to your comment, totally disconnected from the discussion, or just way out of proportion… and a quarrel erupts. 

However it starts, whether you are in the middle of it or on the outskirts… consider… is this quarrel over anything of significance? Does the outcome affect anyone significantly? Is this a useful discussion or a foolish ignorant controversy? 

If it’s the latter, please don’t waste your time.  Have nothing to do with it… walk away, unfriend, block the texts… extract yourself from the foolishness of quarreling. 

On the rare occasion when the discussion is centered on God’s Word, His Love and Grace, Salvation or Faith… these discussions may be very fruitful, and not at all foolish or ignorant.  They can be uncomfortable, if challenging our long held, but biblically unfounded beliefs, but such discussion is worthy and beneficial as long as the subject is what does God say, rather than man’s opinions. 

(Of course, what I write is based on my understanding, my opinions, of what God’s Word says… and the same is true for each of us… it is only our opinion!) God will lead us into Truth… He may use others, His Holy Spirit, His Word… any or all these means, but He will teach us His Truth. 

And His truth in this passage says – Walk away from foolish arguments! 

Father, please grant us the wisdom and clarity of mind to flee from foolish and ignorant controversies and instead to focus on Your Truth, as You continue to reveal it to each of us.

Let it be said of us


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