At all times

Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 34:1 NLT I will praise the LORD at all times. I will constantly speak his praises.

At all times –

Which came first my friends?  David’s constant praise to God, or God’s abundant blessings on David?

Until his epic victory over Goliath, probably in his late teens, David was just a shepherd boy who sang songs of praise to God in the fields.  As a boy he was anointed to become king, but he immediately returned to the fields. Teased and mocked by his jealous brothers…. Fighting bears and lions to protect the sheep…  His early life (until he became King) was far from easy or opulent. 

Yet Dad was prolific, all his life it seems, with His continual praise, writing, singing, and speaking God’s praises. This was the dominant characteristic of David’s life.

Over time, God’s blessings for David grew, God protected him, and he became the most victorious and godly king of God’s chosen people, a man after God’s own heart! And his whole life a foreshadowing of the One King of Kings….

Is it possible that David’s constant praise, writing, singing, speaking, living a life which praised, glorified, honored God his Father… opened the door for God’s great blessings? 

Remember the commandment, ‘Honor your father and mother… that it may go well with you’?  Friends David honored his Father God, continuously!

Lord may we too praise You continuously, because You are worthy of all praise, You and You alone.

Shepherd boy

Martin Smith

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