The Lord is a Friend

Today’s Encouragement is Psalm 25:14 The LORD is a friend to those who fear him. He teaches them his covenant.

The Lord is a friend-

When we consider God’s power and glory and how perfect He is, and we then consider our own weakness, our human failures and sinfulness… the word Fear takes a clearer meaning.  This isn’t fear of the ‘boogeyman’, this is awareness of the incredible power and presence of The Creator! 

I Kings 19:11-12 tells how God demonstrated His power to His exhausted and despairing prophet Elijah.   God ‘passed by’ and a strong wind blew and broke rocks, then an earthquake, then a fire, and then a still small voice, a whisper…. Imagine that for a moment!  God displayed His power for His servant, His friend, Elijah, to reassure and strengthen him, then spoke with him as a friend.

And this same God, God almighty, who has the power to do anything… loves His children and speaks to us in a still small voice.  He is our friend.

Father God thank you that You are so close to us.  You’re perfect, righteous, holy and magnificent, beyond all comprehension… and yet you’re our Father and our Friend.

What a Friend we have in Jesus

Paul Baloche

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