Seek the praise of God

Today’s Encouragement is John 5:44 [Amplified] “How is it possible for you to believe [how can you learn to believe], you who [are content to seek and] receive praise and honor and glory from one another, and yet do not seek the praise and honor and glory which come from Him Who alone is God?”

Seek the praise of God –

Jesus taught the religious leaders where they were wrong in this passage from John.  He asked them challenging questions and here He exposes their desire for the recognition and praise of other men, but they were not seeking God’s approval. 

Do we seek God’s approval, praise and recognition? Or man’s?   Certainly God approves all who place their faith in Jesus.   And because we are born again, we desire to live a life which brings Him honor and glory.  And my friends, on doing so… God gives to us, His beloved children, “the praise, honor, and glory which come from Him!”

When we strive for recognition or approval from people, we are wasting our lives.  Man’s recognition is fleeting, doesn’t last, is not consistent, and carries no real reward… it is never enough. 

In God’s kingdom, when we seek His recognition, already freely granted when He adopted us as His own children…. We then, according to Jesus’ words… will be recognized by Him!

Father help us to seek You first for all our needs, including approval, acceptance and recognition.  Your opinion of us is the only one that matters. Thank You for loving us, and for always seeing in us – the righteousness of Christ.

Seek ye first

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