Your word is truth

Today’s Encouragement is John 17:17 [Jesus prayed] Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth.

Your word is truth-

Billy Graham, in 1949, was a 30-year-old, struggling preacher, and some of his friends in seminary were questioning their faith in God and the veracity of the Bible, and leaning toward the still-popular idea that the Biblical story is just that, a nice story… In this time of doubt and confusion, Billy went outside one night, and laying his bible on a tree stump, made this prayer his proclamation, “Father, I am going to accept this as Thy Word—by faith! I’m going to allow faith to go beyond my intellectual questions and doubts, and I will believe this to be Your inspired Word!”  (From his autobiography, “Just as I am.”)

He made a decision.  He chose to accept, and to believe God’s word.  And that decision transformed him, his ministry and his preaching.

Father Your Word is Truth!  Help us, Lord to embrace Your Word, Your Truth above all the noise and intellectual blather which tries to corrode and destroy our faith.

Your word is True

Nathan Taylor

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